3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting a Portable Restroom in South Florida

South Florida is the perfect place to host an event in the summers. The warm yet breezy weather makes it ideal for outdoor gatherings.

However, if you’re planning on hosting an outdoor event in South Florida, renting a portable restroom should be one of your topmost priorities. It can help enhance the experience of your guests and make things easier for you.

However, there are a few questions you have to ask yourself before you go hunting for portable restrooms.

1.    How Many Guests Are Coming?

It is crucial that you have an idea of how many people will be attending the event before you rent portable restrooms. This will allow you to determine how many units you need for the event. Having an exact number of guests that will be attending isn’t necessary, but it is important to have an estimate.

To be on the safe side, provide the portable restroom supplies with the number of guests who were invited rather than just the ones who confirmed. This way, even if more people show up last minute, you’ll have enough units available for everyone.

2.    Where’s The Location?

Most companies only serve certain counties, states, or metropolitan areas. Hence, it is important to know where the event is going to be held so that you could reach out to rental companies that provide their service in that area.

3.    What’s the Duration of The Event?

It helps to know how long the event will last. If it is going to be a longer event, chances are that the restrooms will need to be serviced during the event to ensure efficiency.

In this case, the rental company will send room attendants who will continue to service the stalls throughout the event. This includes refilling supplies such as toilet paper and hand sanitizers and emptying the waste tanks if required. However, this won’t be necessary for shorter events.


Once you have determined these three things, it will be easier to find portable restroom rental companies in South Florida that will be suitable for your event.


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