4 Steps to Keep Portable Restrooms Clean during Multiday Events

Keeping a portable restroom clean and fresh is no easy task, especially if you’ve rented a unit for a multi-day event. If you’ve bought the restroom instead of only renting it, the job will be even more challenging since you’re solely responsible for it.

Portable restrooms naturally have a great environment for germs and harmful bacteria to thrive in. Not only does this cause the restroom to smell and look disgusting, but it can also compromise the hygiene of the unit. Therefore, staying consistent with cleaning is crucial, as even procrastinating for one day after frequent usage can make the task 10 times worse.

Following are a few steps you can take to keep your portable restroom clean for multi-day events.

  1. Maintaining the Cleanliness:

    • One of the most important aspects of maintaining the cleanliness of a portable restroom is ensuring it is always prepared for future use. This process involves refilling the tank with an additive, which breaks down the waste is then broken down and disinfects the unit.
  2. Get Enough time to air

    • Most public toilets have an overwhelming smell because they don’t get enough time to air out. This usually happens because since their constant use. You can change that with your private portable restrooms. During a multi-day event, make sure to leave the door open whenever you get the change.
  3. Odor-controlling products

    • Odor-controlling products like sprays and deodorizers can be life-saving. Specially when it comes to keeping a portable restroom fresh. However, while picking a product, make sure to choose one that uses environmentally friendly ingredients.
  4. Be extra thorough

    • Some parts of the portable restroom will always be dirtier than the others, as they are touched more frequently. Therefore, these require more regular cleaning than the entire toilet. Be extra thorough while cleaning the door handles, toilet paper holders, and hand sanitizer dispensers.

You can keep your portable restroom clean and fresh for a long time. Follow these simple steps on a regular basis.



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