4th of July Celebrations in Hialeah, Florida

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Independence day is the one day where Americans can join hands in celebration. The celebration is commonly jam-packed with copious amounts of hot dogs, fireworks, and the iconic American flag plastered on every corner. Every year the city of Hialeah, Florida holds a 4th of July Celebration in Milander Park. Never do they disappoint, as the celebration continues to grow each year.

The City of Hialeah’s 4th of July Celebration

Certified with three awards from the Florida Festivals and Events Association, the celebration is guaranteed fun. The event is presented by the Leon Medical Center every year, and this year, garnered an audience of 11,000. The attendees were first greeted with over ten food trucks scattered across the venue. Therefore, attendees were endlessly entertained by the variety of flavors offered.
Another quintessential portion of the celebration was the Kids Zone. As implied by its name, the Kids Zone is the place for children to enjoy some PG fun on the fourth. The zone was stocked with a variety of stations from sports to games. Therefore, the 4th of July Celebration fostered a family friendly environment.
In addition to the Kids Zone, the celebration continued with a live concert. The live concert was enjoyed by all ages as artist Jacob Forever took the stage. With the day slowly coming to an end, the concert was the perfect way to lead to the spectacular fireworks show. When celebrating Independence Day, it is impossible to leave out the classic fireworks show. Hialeah met all expectations with their explosive fireworks and additional laser and light show.

YML’s Involvement

In order to help facilitate the celebration presented by the City of Hialeah, YML was called on for its services. YML provided six VIP restroom trailers thereby allowing the attendees a luxurious experience in addition to the food, activities, and shows. YML’s services are the perfect way to decorate any celebration, especially for one as large as Independence Day. Our facilities are meticulously cleaned and equipped with everything needed for comfort needed in a portable restroom.

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