Adrienne Arsht Center’s 12th Annual Gala

The Beginning

The Adrienne Arsht Center first made its debut in 2006. With beautifully crafted architecture done by world renown Cesar Pelli— the center has prevailed as one of the leaders of performing arts. As a 501C3 non-profit organization, the Arsht Center has launched downtown Miami through unimaginable development. Billions of dollars have gone into downtown Miami’s development through the Arsht Center. As a result, with the growth of the Arsht Center, comes the growth of downtown Miami.

The two are thus intertwined as the center proudly represents the diversity that Southern Florida has to offer. The innovative programs that are featured; therefore, properly represent its inhabitants. The stage thus highlights both seasoned legends and up and coming local artists.

Arsht Center Gala 2018

Image result for adrienne arsht center john richardOn March 24, 2018— the Arsht Center commenced its 12th annual gala. They began this celebration to honor John Richard— president and CEO of the Adrienne Arsht Center. The gala applauded Richard’s legacy that has been left in the world of performing arts. As such, under his leadership, the center has gained renowned recognition and therefore, as a influential leader in Miami.

The celebration came with a one night concert featuring songs from The Great American Songbook. These were first performed by the famed Ann Hampton Callaway, Niki Haris, Clint Holmes, and Ramsey Lewis. The orchestra featured the Frost School of Music’s Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. Finally, the gala’s prestigious lineup was topped off by the Gala Music Director— Shelly Berg.

Le Basque & YML

We were hired for this monumental event by Le Basque. Le Basque ventures in catering and event design for a variety of occasions from weddings to corporate events. Their outreach mirrors that of ours, as we also cater towards a wide range of VIP events. Thus, YML was ecstatic when called upon to cater our services for the celebration of John Richard.

YML’s Cleaning and Event Services offered a variety of services for the center’s Gala 2018. First, we provided trash removal services alongside post event cleaning to keep the venue  spotless when the event concluded. We want to thank Le Basque for their continued trust after almost a decade of working together.



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