Affordable Portable Rentals in Los Angeles

When planning a large-scale public event, you need affordable, luxury portable restrooms for rent. Your guests deserve luxury portable restrooms that are just as clean as they are functional. 

Although the majority of people are used to seeing the traditional portable toilet with the standard necessities inside, there are, in fact, a wide range of options that are suitable for a number of different events and circumstances. If you need portable restrooms for your event, it’s important that you know all your options.

Types of Portable Toilets 

Single Stall Units 

These are the typical luxury porta potty units that you find during outdoor gatherings and on construction sites. These units provide everything your visitors or employees will want for everyday hygienic needs. 

Along with handsanitizer, toilet paper, a mirror, and a sizable 60-gallon waste holding tank, these stalls also come equipped with them.

Handicap Accessible Units 

These luxury porta potty stalls are substantially wider than regular versions to accommodate those with disabilities, making special needs facilities easily accessible to those who need them. They have a ramp for wheelchair access and railings all around the inside walls. It’s crucial to remember that these units could be required by law at certain public gatherings or on construction sites.

Single Unit With Sink 

This model of the luxury porta potty resembles a portable toilet extremely closely, but it also has a basin with running water, hand soap, and a dispenser for paper towels. When employees would benefit from thoroughly washing their hands, such as during major gatherings or during a construction project, this solution is perfect.

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent

When looking to rent a luxury porta potty, you need to assess your particular needs and rent accordingly. Determine your budget, and the features you’d like to have, to find out which kind of luxury porta potty is right for your event. 

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