Beverly Hills: The Cherry on Top of Luxury

Internationally famous for their affluent community— Beverly Hills is the immediate
contender when daydreaming of pristine events and venues. In Beverly Hills, there are a
countless number of sights to see and places to shop. All of which will leave people simply
feeling like a V.I.P celebrity walking through the city.

Living up to its reputation, Beverly Hills carries luxury experiences such as Rodeo Drive.
The street is a two-mile strip of extravagant fashion, entertainment, and more. High-end
coutures such as Gucci and Fendi cozy up on this street, attracting tourists from every corner of
the world. In addition, one cannot forget the Beverly Gardens Park, in which resides the iconic
Beverly Hills sign. When taking in all the opulent experiences to account; it’s no surprise that
Beverly Hills is also the home to the hottest celebrities. With them comes the numerous movies
and reality T.V programs such as, Clueless shot in the city. Knowing this, it’s not hard for people
to try to imagine what the experience of such high-end living is like! However, YML wishes to
incorporate itself into the existing luxury. Eventually expanding and ultimately bringing Beverly
Hills to peak splendor.

Although, Beverly Hills is known for its public venues as mentioned before, the YML Portable Restrooms
experience isn’t limited to public spaces. The portable bathrooms provided by YML are available
to service any scale of event in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. Whether it be for private
estates and at home events, or upscale corporate venues, the options are endless for YML.
YML portable restrooms include china sinks, porcelain toilets, vanity mirrors, and cooling
systems, all of which are of utmost quality. Thus, YML is guaranteed to leave any audience
satisfied with our attention to detail, cleanliness, and eagerness to service customers. We do so
in a fashion which only contributes to our upstanding reputation. So, if you need that extra
cherry on top service for your event, contact YML Portable Restrooms!


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YML Portable Restrooms- House Event

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YML Portable Restrooms – Petite Suite Model