Brave The Waters at The Key West World Championship Offshore Race

From November 6th to November 13th, fans will be able to witness race boats competing at this year’s Offshore Key West World Championship. Every year, the best offshore racers across the world gather in Florida to participate in The Key West World Championship, and this year is shaping up to be bigger than any before it. 

Not Just for Racers 

The Key West World Championship isn’t just for offshore racing professionals. Fans of the sport can attend it as well. Keywest is the perfect place to witness the greatest professional offshore races the world has ever seen. It allows engagement with fellow enthusiasts, and even meet the legends of the sport. 

Throughout the week, there will be several fun parties and parades to attend. Attendees will even get to see some of the newest offshore racing boats on the market. Would you like to own your very own offshore racing boat? This might just be your chance. Or if you already own a boat, you can bring it out on the waters of Key West, and watch the races up close, right there on the water. 

You don’t even have to like boats to have fun at the Key West World Championship. There will be merchandise stalls, food from the best local eateries in Florida, and not to mention, family-friendly music, dancing, as well as loads of other festivities. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate getaway, bring your friends and family down to Key West, Florida, this November.

How To Get Tickets 

Tickets to The Key West World Championship are available now here, but if you’re looking to experience something truly special, you can also avail of exclusive VIP packages that give you special access to certain areas of the event. What are you waiting for? Come down to the Key West today. 


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