Florida Disaster Relief: 2017 Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma approached Florida millions were preparing for one if not the worse storm to hit the continental United States in decades. Besides the millions of Florida residents evacuating or preparing for the storm, companies throughout the State of Florida were also in crisis mode with preparations to protect personal and business property. At the same time contingency plans were implemented to ensure companies can serve their customers and communities after the storm. At YML Portable Restrooms and YML Cleaning and Event Services our contingency plan was in full effect three days before the storm hit South Florida and we were prepared for the crisis that unfolded after the Sunday that the storm made landfall in the Florida Keys. Part of our contingency plan included ensuring that our employees and families were safe before, during and after the storm. As Part of the Disaster Relief program, YML Cleaning and Event Services and YML Portable Restrooms were very involved in assisting various institutions and organizations throughout South Florida.

After Hurricane Irma hit South Florida and continued through the state with the greatest devastation occurring in the Florida Keys and continued moving northward towards the Naples-Southwest Florida area, we were prepared with our portable restroom trailers. Millions were left without power and running water and our portable restroom trailers were able to provide restroom facilities in many areas throughout South Florida and Southwest Florida. Our units are equipped with private women and men quarters, with sinks, mirrors, internal water tanks for the areas without water and generators to provide electricity for the restrooms for lighting and air conditioning purposes.

Besides many of our restrooms providing facilities in the State of Florida, we were selected by A Joy Wallace Event and Productions in Miami, Florida to provide cleaning and maintenance services and any other assistance needed for two weeks in three areas in Miami-Dade County. These areas were setup with tents and were designated to feed the thousands of Florida Power and Light workers and the thousands of workers specializing in power restoration, tree trimming and many other services that were contracted from many states across the country to assist in the crisis situation.

The success of this project is due to the many hours of work from over fifty of our employees that were invested during the two-week period of the disaster relief project. It was a team effort before sunrise to after sunset each day. In addition, our YML Cleaning and Event Services management and office staff provided employee support, logistics and planning throughout the services provided.

We are excited to see South Florida recuperated and are thankful for the opportunity to be part of this project and assisting the thousands of workers that traveled from all over the United States to assist in this disaster relief effort. For almost 30 years, A Joy Wallace Event and Productions has been a South Florida cornerstone for professionalism, quality and service in the catering, event planning and event production industry. The company is also one of the few catering companies in Florida with a designated site that is capable of handling Disaster Relief Catering services at a moment’s notice.

Zoo Miami, FPL Disaster relief site #3
Zoo Miami, FPL Disaster relief site #3
Zoo Miami, FPL Disaster relief site #3
Zoo Miami, FPL Disaster relief site #3

Zoo Miami, FPL Disaster relief site #3- Meal Stations Set up by A Joy Wallace


YML Services assisting at Disaster Relief FPL SiteMiami Expo Fair Grounds, FPL Disaster relief site #2

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