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Tranquilidad! De la fiesta posterior nos ocupamos nosotros

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Ayudamos a la gente a limpiar el desastre

¿Alguna vez has ido a una fiesta y has pensado: «Buff, quién va a limpiar este desastre»? Bien, ¿adivina qué? No tienes por qué ser tú. ¡No cuando YML Servicios de Limpieza está a sólo una llamada de distancia!

Ya se ha divertido, ahora deje que nos encarguemos del lío

Los eventos tienen cierta magia: las risas, los recuerdos y alguna que otra copa derramada (o tres, pero ¿quién lleva la cuenta?) Estás en la fiesta, pasándolo genial, y lo último en lo que quieres pensar es en las consecuencias. Ahí es donde entramos en juego.

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YML Luxury Portable Restrooms - The Ultimate Portable Restroom Experience

Introducing the «Executive PREMIER» our most luxurious and spacious 8-station portable toilet trailer, designed for the grandest of events where excellence in guest amenities is paramount. This expansive unit sets a new standard in portable restroom luxury, perfectly suited for accommodating large gatherings with discerning tastes.

Key Features:

  • Expansive and Elegant: The trailer boasts impressive dimensions of 16 feet in length, 8.5 feet in width, and 12.5 feet in height, providing a generously sized, comfortable environment for guests.
  • High-End Porcelain Fixtures: Each of the eight stations is equipped with elegant porcelain fixtures, enhancing the overall experience with a touch of sophistication.
  • Optimized Layout: The unit features a men’s section with one toilet and three urinals, along with four private stalls in the women’s section, efficiently serving a higher volume of guests while ensuring comfort and privacy.
  • Advanced Climate Control: Equipped with a top-notch air conditioning system, the trailer maintains a cool, refreshing atmosphere, offering respite from outdoor elements.
  • Soothing Music Ambiance: A built-in music system provides a pleasant auditory backdrop, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere within the trailer.

Ideal for the most prestigious events, such as large-scale weddings, exclusive corporate functions, high-profile galas, and upscale festivals, the «Executive PREMIER» goes beyond mere functionality. It’s a luxurious addition that mirrors the sophistication and grandeur of your event, offering an unparalleled restroom experience that guests will remember.

Contact us today to reserve the Executive PREMIER for your upcoming event, and let us redefine your expectations of portable luxury.


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