Winter Park: A large city with a small-town experience…

Orlando, Florida is well known for its bustling city life and its tourist attractions.  But for those seeking a different experience, just to the north is another city with a very different experience just waiting to be found. Winter Park, Florida: A large city with a small-town feel.

With brick lined streets and local shops adorning the avenues, Winter Park Florida appeals to those who enjoy a walkable town.  Named Winter Park to let the wealthy vacationers that would seek this location as a destination in the late 1800s, it is still known today as a peaceful and relaxing community.  There are countless museums featuring many items to discover. Parks today maintain the natural beauty they had in the past.

Rollins College, located just north of the Park Avenue Downtown District is the oldest college in Florida.  It is world renowned for its Liberal Arts Program. The college also gives back to the community and allows for events that benefit greater Winter Park.

Winter Park is also a diverse city.  Moving away from downtown, one will find multiple locations of commercial shopping such as at Winter Park Village on US 17/92. The many lakes the dot the landscape offer parks off the beaten path for plenty of peace and quiet.  Best of all, should one want to visit Orlando and Winter Park in rapid succession, the two are only a quick drive on Interstate 4 from each other.

Another more recent feature of the city is the addition of the Sunrail Train.  Sunrail runs trains from Southern Orlando to Debary much farther north. Winter Park has a station right in the middle of its downtown district with quick access to shopping and food to suit all one’s needs.

There are many events to enjoy in Winter Park.  Every Saturday morning there is a Farmers Market not far from the downtown district with plenty of food to try.  All of it grown locally. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is right next-door and features the work of the artist under the same name.

On November 26th, The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will perform at the Park on Park Avenue. Coming up on December 7th, Winter Park will host the 39th Annual Christmas in the park at the same venue.

All in all, when looking for an experience where one can see nature and go shopping at local stores in once go, look no farther than Winter Park.  The same beauty that captivated people in the 1800s continues to do so today.

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