Exceed ADA Expectations!

When creating any sort of product, it is important to first discuss the user or the audience of the product. YML therefore, offers a diverse set of services from porter services to portable restrooms. YML’s products and services are meant to serve indiscriminately. We want anyone and everyone to be able to enjoy to luxury of the YML experience, which is why we offer ADA single restrooms.

About the ADA

The ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) enforces the civil rights of those with disabilities. Unfortunately, living in a world where being able bodied has become a standard, ignorance becomes rampant. There have been many cases in which people have been unable to access basic necessities because they use a wheel chair. For example, AMC used to not implement wheel chair accessible chairs in their theaters. As a result, AMC went to court and now we see wheelchair friendly spaces.

It is unfair for wheelchair users to be denied access to a bathroom. Any and everyone should have the right to a basic human necessity such as using the restroom. It should thus be a given for companies to offer ADA compliant restrooms that not only have the bare necessities but also offer comfort and luxury.

The YML Experience For All

YML Portable Restroom’s single stall ADA compliant model is easily accessible and spacious. Not a single person will walk into this stall and feel cramped or claustrophobic. YML’s restrooms are known for comfort, usability, and luxuriousness. These standards remain for the ADA compliant model. The exterior is a simple white with metal ramps lining across the walk way. The interior on the other hand, contains sturdy wooden floors, porcelain toilet and sink, air conditioning, along with more ramps lined across the walls. The overall design is cozy and will allow everyone comfort and a peace of mind.

If you want to elevate the experience of each and every guest at your event, contact YML. 

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