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  •  Porcelain Fixtures

  •  Air Condition

  • Music

  • Dimensions:

    • Length: 17 Feet
    • Width: 8.5 Feet
    • Height: 12.5 Feet
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YML Luxury Portable Restrooms - The Ultimate Portable Restroom Experience

Introducing our “Executive Presidential PLUS,” the ultimate in luxury portable restroom solutions. This majestic 14-station trailer is crafted for the most exclusive events, offering unparalleled sophistication and comfort to cater to a large number of guests with the utmost elegance.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Luxury: The “Executive Presidential PLUS” is designed with grandeur in mind, boasting substantial dimensions to accommodate a high flow of guests while maintaining an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort.
  • Elegant Porcelain Fixtures: Each station is adorned with premium porcelain fixtures, epitomizing the height of luxury in portable restroom facilities.
  • Optimized for High Capacity: The extensive number of stations ensures efficient flow and reduced wait times, enhancing the overall guest experience at large gatherings.
  • Advanced Climate Control: Fitted with a top-tier air conditioning system, the trailer maintains a consistently pleasant interior environment, ensuring comfort in all weather conditions.
  • Sophisticated Music Ambiance: A high-quality music system sets a refined tone, adding to the luxurious feel of the trailer and enhancing the user experience.

Perfect for large-scale weddings, prestigious corporate events, VIP areas at significant festivals, or any high-profile outdoor function, the “Executive Presidential PLUS” is not just a restroom facility, but a hallmark of sophistication and luxury. This trailer is designed to impress, providing an opulent restroom experience that aligns with the grandeur and exclusivity of the most elite events.

Contact us today to reserve the Executive Presidential PLUS for your upcoming event, and let us redefine your expectations of portable luxury.


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