Find A Rental Period For You: Short or Long!

At YML we offer a variety of services to assist our customers. In order to accommodate our wide range of consumers, we offer a multitude of rental periods. Whether it be for a day or for months, YML is prepared to serve our portable units for a term that best fits your need.

Who Do We Serve?

Due to the fact we service a wide range of buildings— all at different stages of renovation and need— we provide both short and long term rentals. Currently, our restroom units serve:
  • Office buildings
  • Event venues
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Condo associations
  • Golf courses
  • And other commercial buildings.

Rental Periods That Will Serve You!

Each establishment requires our services for different periods of time and thus, we are prepared. Our luxurious portable restrooms, which come in various styles, will exceed expectations of any customer.


Our Executive Model— ready to serve at any length, long or short term.


For establishments that have just begun renovation processes, they will most likely require a long term rental of our portable restrooms. To provide the best amount of service, YML has a variety of options to substitute for the establishment’s own restrooms. Our Executive and Executive Plus units are stocked with splendor that will impress guests and customers. These units are aesthetically pleasing and leave users feeling like a VIP with its contemporary design and spacious interior. If looking for a long term rental, it would therefore be in our customer’s best interest to reserve these units. The Executive and Executive Plus units are guaranteed to satisfy and impress customers, guests, and workers, while remodeling is in place.



Petite Models lined up neatly for our customers’ needs.

However, our Executive units are not the only ones needed to serve a customer’s need. Our Mini and Petite Suites are perfect for establishments looking to rent for a shorter period of time. Although, as their names suggest, these units are smaller— this does not mean the quality has shrunk as well. These suites are the perfect restrooms to service a smaller portion of guests. Each guest will be able to feel the same amount of luxury as an Executive unit, just in a more condensed environment.

Our models, are ready to service any establishment at whatever length of time you need. Whether you need an Executive unit for a short or long term rental, or a Petite Suite, YML is eager to serve.


If you have more questions, you can reference our F.A.Q here!

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