Fort Lauderdale Beach Volleyball Major Series

Love at First Spike!

The FIVB Beach Volleyball Major Series World Tour is officially embarking on February 27th, stretching on till March 4th. This event is sponsored by Swatch and hosted by MTD Water. This week long volleyball tournament will be taking place in the gorgeous Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida.

This beach is a wide expanse of warm sand, blue seas, and an amazing clear sky framed with palm trees. It is the absolute epitome of picturesque, perfect to be the backdrop for the Volleyball Major Series. The major series will be servicing the attendees with a week of excitement and events in addition to the tournament. There will be entertainment such as:

Beach Party Nights and Goosebumps Don’t Lie, which are ensured to entertain every crowd. On top of all these events, they will be extending offers for VIP treatment for an even more exclusive experience. Overall, the guests and players of the Beach Volleyball Major Series will be guaranteed unrivaled spectacles, leaving no time for boredom for the week.

In accordance to such entertainment, YML Portable Restrooms has been called upon to service for the Beach Volleyball Major Series. We have been hired by MTD , the renown company which provides quality and environmental friendly water supplies. By being partners with MTD for the Beach Volleyball Major Series, YML is determined to make the tournament an even more amazing experience. We are renting out two of our executive luxury bathrooms and maintaining these restrooms with our very own YML Cleaning and Event Services.

Our executive model luxury bathrooms are both professional and chic in design. Allowing players, audience members, and more enjoy the unmatchable aesthetics and services of the YML luxury restrooms while also enjoying the game. There will be no fear when going into our portable restrooms as the maintenance will also be held by YML. Our reliable restroom attendants from YML Cleaning and Event Services will bring proper service— meticulously grooming and keeping the restrooms stocked.

Thus allowing all event planners to be at ease from prospects of dirty bathrooms during the week. Party goers will have zero hesitation when coming into contact with our bathrooms, so if you need to get your business done, YML is the business you need.

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