Fundraisers in Support of Hurricane Victims: Estancia Culinaria and Unearthed Vintage

Considering the catastrophic damages caused by Hurricane Irma, Maria and Harvey in the Florida Keys, Houston and Puerto Rico, respectively, Estancia Culinaria hosted a fundraiser on October 22, 2017 held at their beautiful Homestead, Florida property which hosts weddings for the most part of the year. They themselves experienced damage to their farm, but came up with the idea to create a Spa Day. The funds collected during a silent auction took place, and the funds collected were distributed to three families in the affected areas.

Besides the help that these families would receive, the individuals attending this event experienced a day of relaxation. This came at a perfect time considering all the stress caused by this tragic natural disasters. This event would ultimately help everyone and served a dual purpose. Relaxation for the attendees and needed help to three families that have practically lost all their possessions. Many organizations from South Florida supported this event including Unearthed Vintage, Sperry Tents, YML Portable Restrooms, YML Cleaning and Event Services, Handcrafted Cakes and Sweets , and Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine. Many of these companies donated their services along with others that provided spa services including manicures, massages and facials.

Another South Florida company, Unearthed Vintage, also hosted a similar event on September ???, 2017. They opened their warehouse and office doors for an evening of yoga, conversation and a great cause. The attendees all brought in items which were needed desperately in the Florida Keys including can goods, dry goods, toothpaste, laundry items, school supplies and many others. These supplies were packed in one of their company trucks and delivered to families in need in the Florida Keys. This event was quite inspiring, investing time and energy into such an amazing cause, is a pure act  of kindness. This goes hand in hand with one of the organizations in attendance which empowers individuals to Perform Random Acts of Kindness (PARK Project).

Events such as these make a difference, no matter the amount of goods collected. Furthermore, the positive energy felt throughout these two events was inspiring and uplifting. The goal is to create positive energy that transmits to others everywhere. It is also to encourage everyone to be part of events that benefit others and make our society perceptible and willing to help others. Assistance during difficult times doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be investing time to a cause that benefits others. Events like these, bring people together and promote a message of hope and gratitude to others.

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