Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to a VIP Portable Restroom

Whether you’re hosting an intimate event with your friends and loved ones or have a growing business where you need extra restroom stalls to accommodate your workers and clients, there is a wide range of portable restroom options available.

Most people tend to opt for standard portable restrooms. However, renting a luxury can provide you with some amazing benefits. These include:

  • It comes with added amenities, such as a flushing toilet, running water, sink, sanitizer, air freshener, etc. Even have a music system.
  • The biggest issue with standard portable restrooms is that they don’t have any lighting. This can make it difficult to use them at night when most events take place. VIP portable restrooms come with their own light fixtures. This means that you won’t have to depend on other sources of light to keep the stall lit.
  • The temperature inside a VIP portable restroom can also be adjusted. They come with heating and air conditioning, so you don’t have to worry about the outside temperature while using the restroom.
  • Most people have an instinct to look in the mirror after using the bathroom. Unfortunately, standard portable restrooms don’t have any mirrors. But that’s not an issue with luxury portable restrooms. Not only do they have mirrors installed, but the indoor lighting can make it easy to touch up one’s makeup as well.
  • Unlike those tiny and cramped standard portable restrooms, the private stalls in VIP portable restrooms are a lot more spacious. They give the occupants breathing space inside the toilet, which adds to the overall comfort level.
  • VIP Portable restrooms come with a porcelain toilets. This further makes it feel as comfortable as a regular indoor restroom.

Renting a VIP portable restroom can make the experience of your guests or clients much better. So if you’ve been thinking about renting a portable restroom, you should definitely consider getting an upgrade.