Here’s Why You Should Get A VIP Portable Restroom for Your Wedding

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or a cozy affair, hiring a few portable restrooms can make things convenient for your guests and reduce your stress about having adequate toilets. However, you can take things one step further by opting for VIP portable restrooms.

Following are some reasons why you should rent a luxury portable restroom for your wedding.

·      Has More Features

Regular portable restrooms serve basic purposes on using a toilet. But a luxury portable restroom has a lot more features and can serve as a proper bathroom. These fancy restrooms feature flushing toilets, running water, hand sinks, and depending on your budget, may also have heating and air conditioning. These facilities can make your guests’ experience much better, especially since they’ll be dressed up and regular portable toilets can be a huge hassle while wearing formal clothing.

·      Match Your Theme

The biggest issue with portable restrooms is that they have a bad reputation for being unsightly and dirty. Opting for luxury portable restrooms instead of the regular ones can help overcome this issue. The luxury portable restrooms are a much better site to look at. Additionally, you can get a little creative and decorate the exterior to match your theme. Even using a few matching flowers for decoration can take things up a level. The look on your guests’ faces when they realize that this beautiful trailer covered in flowers is supposed to be a restroom would be priceless!

·      Convenience

Ultimately, the purpose of getting a portable restroom is so that your guests don’t waste precious time lining outside a single toilet. While they wait for their turn. Luxury portable restrooms usually come with multiple stalls. This reduces the hassle of renting, commuting, and accommodating multiple regular restrooms stalls.

So, if you are planning to hire a portable restroom for your wedding, opt for a VIP one and provide your guests with a royal experience.