How Do You Empty The Portable Restrooms Waste Tank?

If you’ve attended any outdoor events, carnivals, festivals, or concerts, there is a high chance that
you’ve come across a portable restroom at some point. And if you like to host big outdoor events, you
may have even hired portable restrooms yourself.

They’re an inexpensive, portable, and effective substitute for traditional toilets for places that don’t
have proper plumbing systems. Some people tend to be skeptical of portable restrooms, as the general
idea is that they aren’t hygienic and may not be the prettiest sight to look at.

However, with the evolution of portable restrooms, you can now get 100% hygienic portable restrooms
that don’t spoil the look of your event. Additionally, they’re functional and there are various benefits of
renting them for outdoor events. How do you empty the portable restroom’s waste tank, though? Let’s
find out.

Emptying Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are self-containing and store all the waste in a tank attached near the bottom. This
requires dedicated workers to manually remove the waste. A sanitization worker will service around 40
to 50 units of portable restrooms on an average day.

On a general basis, a portable restroom needs to be cleaned at least once a week or approximately after
100 uses.

To empty a portable restroom, the sanitization worker will attach a vacuum directly to the holding tank
or an output hole if the unit has one. The waste is then suctioned into another larger tanker truck
through this vacuum. This truck is equipped with a waste tank as well as a smaller freshwater tank.

After removing all of the waste, the portable restroom is refilled with some fresh water, the chemical
dye used to ensure the portable restroom runs smoothly, and an enzyme solution. The urinals, seats,
walls, and floors are then sprayed with a sanitizing solution that clear any bacteria that might have
contaminated the space.

Afterwards, the worker will restock the toilet papers, paper towels, hand
sanitizers, and other toiletries.

The collected waste is then carried in the tanker truck to be disposed of at a municipal treatment plant.
The waste from traditional plumbing systems is also disposed of in the same treatment plants.

Now that you know how these restrooms are emptied, get in touch with a portable restroom company
today and get one for your event!

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