ICC: Miami-Dade’s Day of Marine Awareness

17 Billion

17 billion— that’s how many pounds of plastic breaching our ocean every year. The amount of plastic that humans have steadily accumulated maliciously attacks sea life and our lives as well. Whether it be seemingly minuscule life like plankton or coral, the ocean is a sensitive ecosystem. If one is affected, eventually another life form will be depleted in secession. It is now expected that there will be more plastic than life living in our ocean by 2050. In order to combat this plastic dilemma, the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) arose.

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)

Birthed by the Ocean Conservancy, the ICC is the world’s largest one day volunteer surged effort dedicated towards marine life.  Now in it’s 33rd year, the ICC has thousands of volunteers across the globe in 100 countries. Volunteers commit every third Saturday of September to gather all the dirt and grime collected in any site near them.

The efforts of volunteers reap significant numbers as last year 700,000 volunteers collected more than 20 million pounds of trash. The results don’t end here! The volunteers contribute to the Ocean Conservancy‘s data collection— resulting in accurate data, infographics, and more to educate the general public.

YML in Miami-Dade

Organized by VolunteerCleanup, Miami-Dade features more than 45 sites for anyone to volunteer at. On September 15th the project will kick off, come and join the movement with thousands of others by registering here! We won’t be missing out on this influential event as four of our companies will be participating! Expect to see:

YML is looking forward to enacting change within Miami-Dade and hopefully influence the rest of the world to join the ICC and have the ocean pristine within our lifetime!