Ice Palace Film Studios Miami and Linkedin

YML Portable Restrooms was contracted by Linkedin to service a corporate event at Ice Palace Film Studios.  One of many beautiful venues under the care of Big Time Productions —is a hub for culture, entertainment, and leisure. Located in Downtown Miami, Florida, the venue is a perfect mirror of the brand of vibrant and exciting night life that can only be found in Miami.

Boasting more than 85,000 square feet of interior space and 58,000 square feet of garden area, the venue is perfectly capable of hosting grand events with thousands of attendees. However, with sections of the interior space being broken into rooms such as the champagne lounge and club room. Ice Palace Film Studios is also suited for smaller, more intimate events as well.

Don’t let the name fool you— Ice Palace Film Studios goes far beyond simply being a venue for film. Although it is the perfect place for that of film production and commercial photoshoots, the diversity of events Ice Palace Film Studios is capable of hosting rivals the diversity of the city of Miami itself. The restaurant and club area alone has been utilized in the past for filming, castings, crew dining, and press junkets. Additionally, it has served as the home of the Pulse Art Fair and multiple fashions shows, as well as hosting a free concert of one of the biggest names in EDM. Through this, Ice Palace Film Studios clearly showcases its ability to host events of any size, significance, and purpose.

YML Portable Restrooms was thrilled to be contracted by Linkedin and servicing the August 2018 event at the multipurpose Ice Palace Film Studios. YML has worked at the venue many times with YML Cleaning and Event Services.  Recently, YML serviced an event for Adidas where it was contracted by Bill Hansen Catering. A beautiful space for the culture, fun, and vibrancy of Miami to grow and thrive. YML would like to applaud Ice Palace Film Studios for all the work they have done in contributing to the greater Miami community—and we are excited to see how they continue to expand in the future.

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