Managing Portable Restrooms During Bad Weather

Portable restrooms are rented throughout the year. This means that there will be times when you will have to deal with these in undesirable weather conditions, such as when it is rainy, muddy, wet or even snowy. 

However, following a few tips can make it easier to manage portable restrooms during bad weather. 

  • Be Smart With the Location

Where you place the portable restroom can make all the difference. For starters, it is crucial to place it on a solid surface. If you place it on a muddy surface, there are high chances that it will get dry and dirty, and even cause the portable restroom to become unstable. Make sure the restroom remains balanced and the ground underneath does not shift. For that reason, our drivers and technicians are trained to place portable restrooms in surfaces that meet our safety criteria and they will provide you with advice on the placement.  

Another thing to make sure is to provide some sort of shelter for the portable restroom. For instance, placing it close to a building will protect harsh winds from making it unstable, while making sure that some sort of shed is covering it will protect it from rain and snow. 

  • Add Important Accessories

You want to make sure that the experience of the people who are using the portable restroom is satisfactory. A few additional accessories can help with that. Many of our units come equipped with hot water and heater for cooler winter nights in Florida and California and for cold nights in another parts the country. Having hot water to wash your hands and a heater, provides a comfortable environment for the guests or those individuals using the restrooms. 

Keep It Clean

This one goes without saying. Keeping the restroom clean is important for many reasons, including hygiene. If you have a portable restroom for a long period of time, make sure to plan regular cleanings. YML Portable Restrooms provides cleaning services that can be scheduled at anytime during the rental period or pre-scheduled at the time of the rental.  

Pump out services (emptying waste tank) are also crucial, especially for long term rentals. Even if the waste tank is not full, we recommend having a pump out conducted periodically to ensure that odors do not build up. 


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