Miami Music Week 2018

              Miami Music Week: A Week of Music, Entertainment, and YML

All music lovers rejoice–– for the appraised electronic music festival, Miami Music Week has officially dawned upon us. Miami Music Week is a phenomenal event that extends its outreach to about 90 countries and 165,000 attendees. Music devotees from across the globe make their trek to Miami Beach to attend this iconic music venue. After seven years of MMW, the festival has taken control and is becoming the forefront of the electronic music scene.

MMW has never disappointed their audience as they provide a diverse set of entertainment which pleases all festival fanatics.  With a staggering 300+ events which are staged in over 80 venues, MMW provides an impressive dynamic to the music world. The festival is presenting established electronic artists: Marshmallow and Diplo along with foreign artists, such as Loco Dice from Germany. By offering a new set of entertainment every day for the week, MMW can cater to almost all their fans. Thus, the experience will never be the same, it appears you’re going to a new festival every day. Each day and night will be different from the previous, which is what is so captivating about MMW. The prospect of entering the whole new music scene every day is every festival fanatics dream! Whether it’s in the day or the night, MMW will deliver electrifying performance–– leaving you amazed and dazed.

Several of these events stationed at MMW, will be serviced by YML Portable Restrooms. One of the events that we are catering, happens to be Rockwell Miami–– an emulsifying energized night club. Rockwell is dedicated to offering VIP exploits for their patrons, therefore identical to our goal in service for our customers. Our portable restroom services stationed at these various events are assured to bring comfort and ease for party goers.  After hours of jamming to pulsating beats of music, its inevitable for even hard-core fans to yearn a quiet space. Our prestigious restrooms were created in efforts to bring comfort and luxury. We now intend to bring this experience to MMW. We hope to match the sensation of MMW in the music world and quake the service industry. Thereby establishing an unrivaled aesthetic, mood, and service in the portable restroom domain at MMW and all our pursuits.

Miami Music Week 2018 serviced by YML Portable Restrooms