Panama Canal’s History & Today

History of the Panama Canal

Two years ago the Panama Canal made history as the route that unites the world” as said by Panama’s President, Juan Carlos Varela. In the beginning of its innovation, critics and scholars scrutinized the canal as unfathomable. Currently the canal continues to break records and has surpassed all expectations.

The Panama Canal is seeped in rich history as American President Theodore Roosevelt, oversaw the building of the canal. The canal was first expected to expand trade between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in a sophisticated manner. As a result of the hard work put into the canal, it succeeded despite impediments in the process such as diseases, and the Columbian occupation in Panama.

In the 20th century, the canal set a milestone as a major component of expanding global trade. The canal continued to garner praise as it was appointed as one of the seven wonders in 1994 by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It was no hubris that Panama Canal had been given this title as they celebrated their 1 millionth passing ship in September 2010. Therefore, as expectations for the canal grew bigger, Panamanians approved a referendum to expand the canal.

The Panama Canal Today

Photo of the Panama Canal Today
The Expanded Panama Canal

The building for this new expansion was completed in June 2016. and to do so, a third channel was built. The third channel allowed for a doubled amount of transportation between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans— increasing the productivity overall. Additionally, the canal implemented a water recycling system allowing up to 60% of water to be reused. The renovation of the Panama Canal took efforts from all sorts of disciplines, from engineers, to hard laborers, to environmentalists. It therefore shows the ending product of a diverse group in collaboration.

YML Portable Restrooms is proud to have been a part of the Panama Canal inauguration in 2016. Appointed by Magic Dreams Panama, we were able to provide our luxury restrooms to such a prestigious event. Hence, we would like to again thank Magic Dreams Panama two years later for entrusting us to serve at the inauguration. 

Throughout its time, the canal has reached milestone after milestone. As a result, each year it seems to surprise the world with its innovation and capacity. Recently, the canal had three LNG tankers crossing in a single day, a feat that contributes heavily towards the global gas trade. The YML Team would like to congratulate all the workers and all those who made the Panama Canal expansion project become a reality.

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