Portable Restroom Trailers Long Term Rentals

When you think about portable restroom trailers, the images of outdoor events, sites, concerts, beach parties, outdoor weddings, or something similar may pop up in your mind. In general, portable restrooms seem like a temporary solution for events that don’t last for more than a couple of days. You likely don’t think of portable restrooms as something you’d use on a daily basis.

However, there are various circumstances that may call for a long-term rental of portable restrooms.

1.   Remodeling Your Bathroom or Home

If there are one or two bathrooms in your house and you need to remodel the space around even one of the bathrooms, you may find that you’re struggling while accommodating your family, especially if you have a large family. Instead of trying to micromanage the remaining bathroom’s timing, you can rent a portable restroom for your house. You can also opt for a luxury portable restroom that comes fully equipped with a flushing toilet and sink and feels like a regular bathroom.

2.   Construction Sites

One of the most common reasons for long-term rental of portable restrooms is for construction sites. It is not unusual for construction sites to lack proper bathrooms nearby. When the workers aren’t provided with bathrooms in the near vicinity of the site, it can affect their productivity, health, and hygiene of the site. Therefore, renting a couple of portable restroom trailers for such construction sites is a great way to prevent any such issues.

3.   Water Breaks or Other Damage

If there is a water break or other similar damage on your home or business property. You will require an immediate backup for the toilets. Depending on how severe the damage is, it can take a while for it to be repaired. Portable restrooms trailers seem to be the only viable solution in such situations. Remember they can conveniently be added to any location.


When looking for long-term portable restroom rentals, it is important to look into the amenities it offers. Having flushing toilets, running water, sink, sanitization station, overhead lighting, etc., will certainly be helpful.

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