Questions to Ask Before Renting Porta Potties

If you’re looking to rent luxury portable toilets, it’s essential to ask the right questions. You may not know what those questions are, and that’s okay. This blog will tell you everything you need to know. The following questions will enable you to find the best toilets suited for your event to ensure it’s a success. 

Is The Rental Company Reputable? 

In order for your event to be a smashing success, you need a portable toilet rental company that you can rely on. The rental company you choose to work with should have a proven track record of flawless service. Ensure they have positive reviews from other people who have worked with them in the past. 

How Often Will The Toilets Be Cleaned?

This question is important, depending on how long your event will go on for and how many people you expect will attend. When renting luxury portable toilets for your event, you want to partner with a portable toilet rental service that will keep the toilets clean around the clock so as to avoid a health hazard and keep the event attendees satisfied. 

How Is Waste Disposed? 

Most event planners don’t bother to consider where waste from portable toilets goes. We highly recommend you don’t make the same mistake. When partnering with a port-a-potty rental service, take the time to ask the portable toilet rental service how they dispose of waste. You shouldn’t partner with a service that isn’t disposing of waste properly. 

What Is The Capacity of Each Toilet? 

Different types of luxury portable toilets have different capacities. The ideal capacity for the toilets at your event depends on how many people are attending your event, versus the number of toilets you intend to rent. If you want to host a large-scale event, high-capacity luxury portable toilets may be necessary.


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