Rockwell Miami: The Place to Be

In the fall of 2015 opened Rockwell Nightclub, located on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. The nightclub was created to bring together a combination of “LA cool, New York music and Miami energy” all together.

Rockwell Nightclub is in place to pay homage to “Miami’s rich history in nightlife” and that’s exactly what it does. Different days throughout the week hosts themed events. Appearing weekly and special events throughout the year. At Rockwell, there is always something to do.

Vibrant colors fill the nightclub as everyone dances the night away. Either during the week or on the weekends. With the themed events, guests should not expect to have the same experience, but an amazing experience, every time they find themselves there.

The nightclub can hold about 450 people. This is something the owner Chris Paciello considers an intimate experience compared to other nightclubs. Furthermore, his idea was to move away from large places and use smaller locations to encourage hospitality. This makes the nightclub a comfortable space for party-goers.

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