SFLHCC: Joining the Family!

South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Introducing the SFLHCC

The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce erected around nineteen years ago. It’s now become one of the top five Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in the U.S. as it moved on from its infancy. The chamber provides its members a diverse set of activities and networking opportunities. All of which are essential in uplifting small businesses and strengthening the established businesses in a mentor to mentee culture.

The SFLHCC created the Small Business Committee in effort to level the playing field for start up smaller businesses. Therefore, the SFLHCC cultivates a safe place for the education of all its members.

SFLHCC 25th Anniversary Gala
SFLHCC 25th Anniversary Gala

Additionally, there is the Health and Wellness Committee. This committee pushes for the education of the healthcare industry for its members.

Last, but not least, the Hispanic Women’s Society Network is another essential arm to the SFLHCC. They are focused on empowering women to further their career opportunities. Sadly, women of color are constantly curtailed in terms of opportunities in the job force. The chamber is thus active in ensuring that women are strengthened through its extensive contacts and connections!

As a connecting point for a variety of Hispanic businesses, the SFLHCC provides a lunch/learn business series. The series gives businesses a chance to open up discussion on whatever topics interest them. Thereby allowing businesses to mingle and collaborate.

The Hispanic Heritage Business Expo and the Health Fair are community based annual events. These two annual events are powered by the SFLHCC and can be seen as a “thank you” to their community. The chamber therefore shows its pride for its members through these free events that show the fruits of the hard work of all its members.

YML Joins the Chamber

We are excited to announce that YML Cleaning and Event Services and YML Portable Restrooms are now members of the renown SFLHCC. Therefore, we would like to take a moment to thank the chamber for its extensive work in propagating Hispanic businesses. Family is a key term in all of our personal households and to be a part of another family of Hispanic businesses is both an honor and a milestone to celebrate!

To learn more about the chamber and its work click here.

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