Sizzle Miami: Life, Pride, & Liberty

Memorial weekend marks the celebration of Americans who have died in service. The holiday is a hallmark of America as it symbolizes the pride and strength the American people hold. As a result, Dwight Powell created Sizzle Miami— a hot summer festival for all!

The Beginning of Sizzle

Sizzle Miami embarked its humble beginning in 2002. Powell began Sizzle as a celebration of “life, pride, and liberty” and continues to hold onto these values in 2018. The event has therefore flourished into America’s most anticipated urban gay festival. Every year during Memorial weekend, Sizzle embarks on its five day fusion of festivities. From electrifying concerts to pulsating clubs, the attendees’ Memorial weekend is a never ending rollercoaster filled with life.

Calling All Audiences!

This social gathering invites men and women from ages 21 and up to simply celebrate themselves at the event. As such, Sizzle has been recognized by both mayors of Miami Dade County and the City of Miami. The recognition that Sizzle has acquired is proof of the electrifying environment that is created by the attendees, and staff. Although the festivities are targeted towards those who are 21 years and up, Sizzle does not discriminate in terms of identity. The event, in fact, encourages people of all backgrounds to attend and be loud and proud of who they are! As a celebration of life, pride, and liberty— Sizzle caters towards all.

A Night To Remember With MAPS Backlot & YML

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On May 26th, Sizzle collaborated with MAPS Backlot. MAPS Backlot was a perfect space for a night of celebration due to its unique aesthetic. The space is best described as modern with its industrial look, which is a style currently in demand. In order to accommodate for Sizzle’s party goers, a trendy atmosphere is a must to enjoy the night. There are a plethora of spaces for attendees to take phenomenal Instagram worthy photos to show their pride.
YML is thrilled to have been apart of the Sizzle experience. We are thankful to both Sizzle Miami and MAPS Backlot for utilizing our service for a celebration in identity!
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