Steps to Keep Portable Restrooms Clean

It is not an easy task to keep portable restrooms clean and fresh. If you have rented one for long-term usage, it will be even more challenging; especially if the usage is frequent.

The nature of portable restrooms makes them an attraction for germs and harmful bacteria. This can compromise the hygiene of the restroom as well; aside from looking and smelling awful. Therefore, it is important to stay consistent and thorough with your cleaning routine, as procrastinating about it will only make the job even worse. 

Here are a few steps you can follow to thoroughly clean your portable restroom:

  • Preparing the tank for future use is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the cleanliness of a portable restroom. The usual process is to refill the tank with an additive. The waste is then broken down and disinfected by this additive. At YML Portable Restrooms, we place a tablet that serves dual purpose, it disinfects the waste tank and eliminates odor forming bacteria.  
  • The reason that most portable restrooms have overwhelming smells is because they do not get enough time to air out and they are not properly maintained by the portable restroom provider. Leaving the door open for a while everyday will help it get rid of odors. It is especially important to air out a portable restroom after it has received a lot of traffic during a rental. During our maintenance service, we air out portable restroom trailers and conduct all necessary cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing to ensure odors do not form.  
  • Make use of some strong odor-controlling products, like sprays or deodorizers. However, while picking any product, make sure that it uses environmentally friendly chemicals  The recommended products are those that are EPA approved. These EPA approved products are also recommended in the fight against COVID19. 
  • It is no surprise that some parts of the portable restroom will be dirtier than others since they are touched more often. Hence, these require more regular cleaning than the rest of the portable restroom trailer. Therefore, pay extra attention to the door handles, toilet paper holders and hand sanitizer dispensers. These are also key areas of focus for the restroom attendant while maintaining a unit during an event or a rental. 

Following these simple steps on a regular basis will help you keep your portable restroom cleaner in the long run.