Super Bowl 2020: Living Up to the Big Game

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Miami is the vacation hot spot. It’s rich in history and culture, but most notably known for beaches and its idyllic hot summer weather. However, the city is about to get even hotter next February. It’s time to mark those calendars because the 2020 Super Bowl is hitting Miami’s very own Hard Rock Stadium. Although the last Super Bowl held in Miami was in 2010, this upcoming Super Bowl will be Miami’s 11th. 11 games of the most prolific sports event in a single city is nothing to glance over. Time and time again Miami has proven to be the epicenter for the Super Bowl mania.

The Big Game

What started as a merger agreement between the two major American football leagues, N.F.L. and A.F.L, has become something akin to a national holiday. Every American knows what the “Big Game” means. The nickname is telling of the litany of record breaking numbers the game has utterly shattered. It’s second to only Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption in America. Additionally, the game has consistently topped America’s most-watched T.V. broadcast; in fact, the game holds seven positions on the list.

Iconic Half-time Ceremonies

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Even if football doesn’t fit your fancy, the half-time show is guaranteed to entertain. Every year there’s buzz and excitement over who will be performing at the next half-time show. The decision is either met with praise or utter disappointment depending on the crowd, but not matter what, the game gains traction from the publicity. Prince, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé are only three of the artists who have performed at the Super Bowl. All of whom, are iconic performers in American pop history. Super Bowl LIV will be no different as it’s suspected Jennifer Lopez will be the headliner. Although unconfirmed, many have expressed their excitement at the prospect on social media.

Even with all the culture and lore that surrounds the Super Bowl, it hasn’t come unscathed in terms of criticism. When discussing the N.F.L. it’s difficult not to mention former San Francisco 49ers’ Collin Kaepernick’s kneel during the national anthem at a game in response to police brutality and overall racial injustice in 2016. Although Kaepernick hadn’t been directly affiliated with the N.F.L. his protest surged throughout the league and evoked national uproar. Rapper Jay-Z had advocated for Kaepernick, calling him “an iconic figure” and famously dissed the Super Bowl with his line “You need me, I don’t need you” in response to requests for him to perform. However, Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation is now in partnership with the N.F.L. for a music and social justice campaign.

From left, the 49ers players Eli Harold, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid protested during the playing of the national anthem in 2016.
From left, the 49ers players Eli Harold, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid protested during the playing of the national anthem in 2016. Usa Today Sports/USA Today Sports, via Reuters.

Therefore, next year’s Super Bowl will be anticipated with the utmost scrutiny all across America to see what sorts of changes will come.

How YML Will Be Participating in Super Bowl LIV

One thing you can expect throughout South Florida is the YML logo. We will be servicing a number of private events in homes and even commercial spaces to help support our customers’ needs for cleanliness during this time of celebratory chaos. Whether it’s through our luxury restrooms or maintenance and post event cleaning, YML will be making sure homes and venues stay in tact regardless of who wins or loses!

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