The Estefan’s Thanksgiving Feed a Friend

The 11th Annual Thanksgiving Day Feed a Friend

Thanksgiving is a time for food, friends, and family. However, not everyone is fortunate to have all three. Global superstar couple, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, recognizes the issue and will be hosting the 11th annual Thanksgiving Day Feed a Friend event once again.

Building a Family

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Miami residents who attend are provided a full course Thanksgiving meal. This includes the classic roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the mouthwatering list goes on. Additionally, the Estefans take the traditional Thanksgiving meal and add their own Latin twist. At Feed a Friend, you’ll find a plethora of Cuban classics from sweet plantains to arroz con leche.

Emilio Estefan stated,

It’s a lot of people who are going through a hard time in life…especially we are going to get a lot of Puerto Ricans who flew to the states and are able to bring their family to a happy place.

Latin American residents of Miami may not have a family or friends to celebrate an American tradition like Thanksgiving. The Estefans are opening a door for these families and individuals to American culture and easing their stay in here. The best way to welcome any person is, after all, food!

A Venue Fit For the Family!

Feed a Friend will be hosted in the same venue as last year— the Miami Design District’s Jungle Plaza. The Jungle Plaza at the Miami Design District is utilized for large events including concerts. The plaza is over 20,000 square-feet and it includes a 6,500 square-foot tent with adjustable vinyl/glass walls and generator/AC capabilities. The event space can host both indoor and outdoor events throughout the year. As such, the venue is perfect to host hundreds of families and individuals who are in need of some Thanksgiving comfort. As of last year, the even has served over 14,000 meals and the number will continue to grow.

Our Contribution

For the 11th annual Thanksgiving Feed a Friend event, YML Portable Restrooms and YML Cleaning and Event Services have been contracted by Estefan Enterprises to participate in this community event. The YML Team is excited to sponsor and support a cause that helps those in need and continues to create a sense of community throughout Miami-Dade County. YML Portable Restrooms provided luxury portable restrooms to service the 1,000 plus person event.

We want to thank Estefan Enterprises for the opportunity to sponsor this event and for allowing us to be a part of their community!

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