The Evolution of the YML Brand

Mr. Yoan Lorenzo, the President of YML, is equipped with 10-years of business experience and 20 years of Audit and Finance experience. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a double major in Management and International Business, and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Mr. Lorenzo is also currently a PhD candidate and student at Nova Southeastern University College of Arts in the Humanities and Social Sciences in pursuit of a degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, with a concentration in Organizational Conflict and Crisis Management. Mr. Lorenzo also holds certifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner, provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and a Certification in Risk Management Assurance by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Mr. Herrera holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in addition to a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He spent 13 years in the banking field, in which he came to be Vice President as a commercial business banker, and served the clientele in South Florida. Mr. Herrera has substantial experience in assisting corporations with business loans for doctors, attorneys, business professionals, and any individual or company requiring business loan products. He is currently Vice President of all companies under the YML Group’s umbrella.

Their experience and educational background led them to the decision to jump into the field of  entrepreneurship in 2009 when they established the YML Cleaning & Event Services. There was a need in South Florida of a company that could provide top-notch personalized services, while also offering both professionalism and reliability to the people of South Florida. In particular, there was a need for such services for high-end, luxury events, which are a known staple in South Florida and the Miami area. Mr. Lorenzo’s main objective was to offer a product that exceeded customer expectations and provide services that could be experienced from the moment clients contacted his companies. With over 20-years of experience and with the credentials to match, Mr. Lorenzo and Mr. Herrera, are leading The YML Group to new heights in the events industry as experts as they analyze business through an interdisciplinary lens.

In 2013, Mr. Lorenzo decided to open YML Portable Restrooms to bring a new level of luxury and class to South Florida events. Mr. Lorenzo wanted to offer these services to a myriad of events— whether they were being held at a private home or an extravagant venue. It was a journey as Mr. Lorenzo molded YML Portable Restrooms into a company that provided inherently unique and quality products. Mr. Lorenzo’s products have communicated his pledge to offer the highest level of service, as YML has now stretched from its home in South Florida, and will soon embed into Southern California in the Fall of 2018.

As YML had begun to expand, YML was graciously selected to participate in the 2016 Panama Canal Inauguration Event in Central America’s quintessential financial hub that is Panama City, Panama. Several of our VIP units were transported overseas for this event that was attended by world presidents, dignitaries, and the general population to witness the crossing of the first ship to sail through the new widened canal. This large scale operation required the collaboration of attorneys, custom clearance, logistics companies, and many others to transport their VIP units to Central America. The combined effort accurately depicts how YML is able to reach out to various professionals and work in a interdisciplinary fashion— that is, within different realms of business, to achieve their objective in services.

In the near future, Mr. Lorenzo hopes to utilize his business experience and educational background to help future entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals to navigate the world of business. His dissertation will focus on the various generations such as the: Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z. Within these generations, Mr. Lorenzo wishes to focus on the organizational conflicts and all the variables which inevitably will affect these businesses. From his wide array of experience and research, Mr. Lorenzo introduces The Intergen Group in the beginning of its development which will soon launch. The Intergen Group will consult and research in the varying fields of entrepreneurship, business strategy, conflict management, crisis management, intercultural training, interpersonal and interpersonal conflicts, and intergenerational conflicts.   

Hereafter, YML will continue to expand its outreach to provide staffing services for events through the YML group, which will launch in 2019. This staffing service will provide a unique approach of booking services for individuals such as event planners, event coordinators, and companies, to concert and sports arenas and any other type of customer or facility whom are in need of staff members on a national scale.

All in all, the YML team is focused on one thing— and that is service. They seek to provide services that enraptures audiences while also offering quality products, professionalism, and reliability. The formula to well done services may sound simple, yet it is complex in reality. Companies must be fully engaged, not just once a week, but every single minute within the business and its clients. We are always told that consistency is key, and it appears to be an easy instruction to follow. Yet, it is consistency that is the most difficult to maintain. Throughout one’s career, it is a given that there will be minor to major discrepancies, which will halt the consistency of a business. Despite the bumps, YML is revolutionizing and building new ideas and molding them into realities. YML puts itself to work every day to consistently provide a luxury type of service and quality. From the high caliber structure of their product, service, and staff— in addition to the support of an experienced, professional management team— the YML group is ambitious in continuing to expand the YML brand (YML Portable Restroom and YML Cleaning & Event Services) and concurrently taking The Intergen Group on a global scale.

Stay tuned for the expansion of YML, as its evolutionary business will stir the scope of the events industry in the United States.

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