The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Introducing GMCVB

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) is a mammoth epicenter for events. The venue itself sits in South Beach and is surrounded by entertainment, beaches, and resorts. By having the GMCVB in the middle of this cluster of entertainment, makes the venue an ideal meeting place. In addition to its recent renovations, the convention center has grown and garnered more attention than ever.

The neon lights on famous Ocean Drive have been the backdrop for many movies
Neon Lights on Ocean Drive in South Beach

The Growth in Numbers

With $620 million worth of renovations, the venue has successfully undergone its transformation. The CEO of the GMCVB, William D. Talbert III, has cited the convention as a venue containing diversity and in short has “lots of options.” It’s not difficult to back up Talbert’s statement as the venue contains staggering numbers. The venue holds 84 break out rooms, all of which total to 183,000 feet. Yet, this is not all the venue has to offer! With 20,000 square feet of specialty space and 6 acres of green space, any business will find themselves surrounded by spacious luxury. The fact that the venue is so large, is mostly due to the great amount of diversity within Miami. In order to replicate its diverse community, which holds Little Haiti and Little Havana, Talbert has pioneered GMCVB to grow.

As a result of its large stature, the venue holds a myriad of annual events. Just to name a few: Art Basel Miami BeachMiami Beach Gay Pride, Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Miami International Auto Show, and more! With these events, comes the diverse set of audience members. The tourism within the area had increased by a whopping 5.4%, drawing in a 7% increase in revenue. All in all, the renovations done have brought the venue major success, and we hope to see more!

YML has the honor of joining the GMCVB as a preferred vendor. It brings YML pride to be a trusted business of an organization that provides the event planning and marketing for Greater Miami and the Beaches. We would like to applaud the amazing work done by everyone involved and we hope to replicate their success and grow ourselves into such a ginormous empire.

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