Villa Toscana Miami Event Venue

Hidden at the edge of Miami, Florida is a luxurious mansion with lavish gardens, beautiful architecture and romantic views that serves as a remarkable venue for intimate events such as corporate parties, weddings, or even larger functions such as galas.

Villa Toscana, which sits on five acres of land, first began as a family estate, but has now grown to become one of Miami’s most extravagant venues thanks to John Svadbik and Alberto Charria, who now own the property.

Guests not only have the opportunity to utilize the Villa Toscana for private events, but they can also stay in one of the grand suites, since the mansion also operates as a bed and breakfast.  This is perfect for travelers visiting the Florida Keys, Everglades National Park or even just Miami itself since the villa is located within close proximity to these attractions.

With its stunning, secret gardens and architecture that is reminiscent of Italy, the villa also makes the perfect getaway even for locals who are looking for a peaceful escape from the chaos of the city life.

What sets the villa apart from other venues are the various locations that are directly on the property such as the Chapel of Love, the Grand Fountain and a secret garden with Koi ponds as well as stunning waterfalls.  The courtyard also offers sights of immaculate green lawns, a diverse selection of colorful flowers and a central fountain which includes four long reflecting pools

Each unique location provides ample opportunities to capture beautiful photos for extraordinary events, so guests can remember their unique visit at the villa.

YML Portable Restrooms recently serviced a March event at Villa Toscana featuring the luxurious petite model portable restrooms.

Event Space at Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana Pool


Petite Suite at Villa Toscana Venue