VIP Portable Restroom for Events in Homestead, Florida

Homestead, Florida, is a great place to host all kinds of events. From weddings to family get-togethers and even corporate events, you can do everything here. The pleasant weather and fun environment make it enjoyable in all seasons. 

However, a good event requires a lot of planning. And one thing people often miss out on is portable restrooms. Here’s why you should consider renting a VIP or luxury portable restroom for your events in Florida

  • More Space

The one thing that gives portable restrooms a bad reputation is their small size. The cramped box isn’t the worst option for carnivals and concerts, albeit still being undesirable. However, it isn’t exactly suitable for more formal events where the guests might be dressed in formal attire. A luxury portable restroom has more space, which allows your guests the comfort to keep their clothes in place while they do their business without worrying about getting their clothes dirty or wet. 

  • Smells Pleasant

Another major side effect that portable restrooms have is bad odor. Who wants to endure unpleasant smells while they use the bathroom? Most VIP portable restrooms have proper ventilation, which solves this issue. It also keeps the inside of the restroom smelling clean and fresh throughout the event, irrespective of how many times it has been used.  

  • Handicap-Friendly

Depending on where you get your luxury portable restroom from, you can opt to get a few stalls that are handicap-friendly. You never know which guest might need some assistance in using the toilet. Even if you don’t expect any guests with disability, there is still a chance that an injury or pregnancy can make things difficult for someone. Having handicap-friendly restrooms can help a lot of people.


So whether you’re hosting an intimate ceremony or a corporate event in Homestead, Florida, make sure to rent a couple of VIP portable restrooms. It will certainly make things more pleasant for your guests. 

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