Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a Quick Tour into the Past…

Located on Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida, one will find The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Originally the villa of businessman James Deering, it is now a national landmark that is open to the public.  The Villa was a winter residence for James Deering until his death in 1925. The businessman wished to conserve the forests along the shore.  Now, Miami Dade County helps continue that goal.

The European style buildings are just one of the many points of interest one will find at The Vizcaya Museum. One will find an assortment of gardens to explore on the vast property of 50 acres.  Part of the charm of the property is the fact that much of the villa and surrounding area has been kept the same.  Upgrades have been added to account for tourism. But these changes are done with care to not take away from the atmosphere.

Another important thing of note at the Vizcaya Museum is that it is a place where all of one’s senses get to go on a tour. A large mangrove shore ecosystem causes sulfur to be in the air. This is an indication of a healthy ecosystem and it would be far more problematic if that scent vanished.  According to the Vizcaya Website: “Vizcaya can be a sensory experience. Various sources in addition to the mangrove shore contribute to odors, including aging materials and the salt air.”

Recently, Hurricane Irma impacted the entire museum as it did much of the Miami Region.  As Vizcaya has done in the past when other hurricanes have struck, the community as well as the employees of the museum have banded together. It did not take long for the Villa to reopen.

Vizcaya offers virtual tours for those who are unable to make the trip in person. But one truly needs to immerse themselves in all the sights sounds and smells to understand why this location is a national landmark.

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