What Type of Portable Restroom Does Your Event Need?

Are you planning on throwing any events or gatherings any time soon? If yes, you should probably consider renting out a portable restroom trailer for your event. Not only will it make things more convenient for your guess, but will also save you from unnecessary cleanup and hassle after the event.

However, with multiple types of portable restrooms available for rent, it can be difficult to pick one if you don’t have a proper understanding of it. Following are the main types of portables restrooms that you’ll likely come across.

1.   Standard

This is the basic portable restrooms that you’re probably familiar with. It has everything that is needed to get the job done. It usually comes with a hand sanitizer, sink, hand wash dispenser, toilet paper holder, mirror, and a coat hook. However, there aren’t any fancy amenities that come with these standards portable restroom. So if you want something functional without going over the top, this option is perfect for you.

2.   Deluxe

These portable restrooms are fairly similar to standard restrooms when it comes to functionality. However, these are about 50% larger in terms of area and space. While they provide the exact same amenities as a standard one, the deluxe portable restrooms can be a much more comfortable experience due to the extra space. If you’re holding a fancy event where people will be wearing more formal clothing, it will likely be helpful to opt for a deluxe portable restroom.

3.   VIP

If you’re willing to spend a little extra and provide your guests with the ultimate VIP experience, you might want to consider VIP trailers. These provide a much better experience and come, as they are bigger and more accommodating. In addition to the various amenities VIP portable restroom trailers come with, you can also decorate these to your liking. So if your party has a theme, you can customize the trailer to suit the theme as well.


The type of portable restroom you should choose will ultimately depend on your needs, the type of event you’re throwing, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to spend. So factor in all of these before looking into local companies that provide portable restrooms for rent.