Why California Needs YML

The sunny weather of California almost guarantees a beautiful day for outdoor events. Bring on the bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and wedding showers! With the abundance of beautiful houses in Santa MonicaBeverly Hills, and Malibu, it’s a no-brainer to throw these celebrations at home. The home may be the coziest place to host these events, but even the biggest Los Angeles residences never have enough restrooms. No one wants to spend time away from the party to wait in never ending lines that take you to dirty bathrooms with never enough toilet paper. 

Making Our Mark in California!

In order to solve this problem YML Portable Restrooms will travel to you stocked with supplies so you can devote your attention to other details of your event. Our restrooms are prestigious with amenities like air-conditioning, framed mirrors and oak vanities. Soft mood lighting and an internal sound system allows you to customize the settings for your guests. This therefore allows guests to feel at ease even away from the party. From the venue to the refreshments, and from the entertainment to the restrooms— we help you provide your guests top-notch hospitality. Thus resulting in your guests remembering how phenomenal your event was.

Restroom Attendants

Go above and beyond for your guests, and hire a Restroom Attendant. These employees are ideal for all events, especially those with over 100 people, and are a great way to make sure the restrooms remain spotless. They will stock, clean, and provide maintenance— therefore, making sure everything runs smooth. Thus employers can devote their time to enjoy the event and entertain guests. Treat your attendees like the VIPs they are, and they will forever remember your event.

No matter the size of the yard or the amount of attendees, we have a restroom that will fit your needs. Our restrooms are compact and consequently don’t take away space from the party, but will provide enough room so guests won’t feel cramped. If you’re hosting a more intimate-sized party, check out the Petite Model. If you’re expecting the masses, we suggest our Executive Model.

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Los Angeles is the perfect place to host a special celebration, including weddings, corporate events or fundraiser. There’s no better place than home, to make your own rules and set your own party times. Most people remember an engagement party or bat mitzvah by the memories shared. Providing a clean and worry-free environment even down to the restrooms is extremely important in making your event a hit. With a host like you, your guest list knows they’re in good hands and is sure to enjoy every aspect of your event.

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