5 Reasons To Rent a Portable Restroom For Your Corporate Event

One of the most important aspects of hosting an event is to ensure that your guests feel comfortable the entire time. This is especially true for a corporate event, as you may be expecting some outcome from such events.

You’ve probably already gone over the menu and the seating arrangements a million times. But have you thought about renting a portable restroom? If you think you don’t need a portable restroom since the venue already has a toilet, you are mistaken. Here are some reasons you should consider renting a portable restroom.

  1. Generally, most venues only have two bathrooms – one for men and one for women. This often results in long lines outside the bathroom as people desperately wait for their turns. Renting a few portable restrooms would not just result in no long queues outside the bathroom, but it will also ensure that your guests don’t miss out on anything important during the event.
  2. Portable restrooms require less water than a standard bathroom. Therefore, renting portable restrooms is a more environment-friendly decision.
  3. Depending on the portable restroom you rent, you can also have added amenities. A basic toilet, running water, and hand wash stations are standard for all portable restrooms. However, you can add mirrors, lighting, modern flooring, and even air conditioning or heating if you want.
  4. The post-pandemic era that we live in requires us to take some extra precautions – especially washing our hands as much as possible. You can also have extra handwash stations installed with portable restrooms to make things more convenient for your guests.
  5. Ultimately, a portable restroom will leave a good impression on your guests. It conveys that your organization prioritizes the attendees’ comfort.

If you’re looking to rent portable restrooms for your event, head over to YML Portable Restrooms for a consultation today.