YML Portable Restrooms in Wynwood Art Walk

Wynwood, Miami: A Dazzling Experience…

Located just north of Miami, Wynwood is a locale with a vibrant atmosphere.  In the mid to late 1900s, Wynwood was home to many Caribbean immigrants.  In addition, it was the location of Miami’s Garment district. However, the economic depressions of the mid and late 1900s hit Wynwood particularly hard. Thus, a project occurred to fix the locale.  By renovating the factories and warehouses that had gone unused, modern Wynwood was born. YML Portable Restrooms is proud to service such a popular spot.

Today, Wynwood is known for a couple things.  The Art Walk is the talk of the artists community.  This location has affected said community in countless ways.  Today, it is not unusual to find artists coming to Wynwood to gain ideas from the different locations.  Murals dot the district.  A notable feature for tourists.

Also notable is the still thriving fashion community.  The Garment District of Miami still has a major presence in Wynwood.  The art and the clothing industry go hand in hand.  The result is a unique locale that appeals to a large audience of tourists and locales alike.

The outdoor museum of Wynwood Walls exists as a location for international street art.  It was established in 2009 by Tony Goodman.  Events are held every second Saturday at this location and serves as a perfect location to see the work of some of the best street artists.  The culture of this renowned venue cannot be denied. This venue is also perfect for return visits because of the changing work.  This location is a must see for any who choose to visit Wynwood.

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With the sheer number of outdoor events in Wynwood, many find the need for portable restrooms.  Serving as an extension of luxury that is expected in a venue such as Wynwood Walls, our portable restrooms are designed to impress every guest.  Visit our website for more details