What Are The Rental Prices of Portable Restrooms in Miami?

Porta potty rental prices in Miami vary significantly, depending on the quality of the portable toilet, as
well as the included features. Renting portable restrooms in Miami is a very practical choice, whether
you are holding an event or sending staff out into the field for long periods of time.

Why You Should Rent a Toilet For Your Event

When you have more visitors than normal or you don't want people stumbling through your house or
business during an event, having access to additional porta potties on site (in addition to the current
facilities) can be a lifesaver.

Renting portable lavatories in Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Beach with Aptera is even more practical
than navigating clogged streets to and from on-site restrooms.

Porta Potty Rental Miami Price

Porta potty rental prices in Miami for one day may range from $50 to $120. Without weekly service, a
monthly rental would cost between $130 and $350. A conventional, flushing portable toilet costs an
additional 30% to 50%.

The price range for a monthly rental, without weekly servicing, is $310–$550. *Be aware that delivery
costs might vary greatly; be careful to factor this expense into your price.

What You Should Know Before You Rent a Toilet

It’s crucial to know in advance whether your rental will include cleaning services, and other amenities
such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and a sink. You should also know the cost of delivery and servicing.

Or if you rent a toilet for more than one month, do they charge extra to clean it out?

Before signing a rental agreement, inquire about the delivery cost as some businesses may impose an
extra charge for delivery and pick-up. Make sure to ask your supplier how frequently they will service
the unit if you rent a toilet for longer than a week.

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