Esperanza Estate: A year-round destination

Spring— the quintessential time of year to experience the charm of nature. It’s the perfect time for all sorts of outdoor events after a shivering winter spent indoors for those in winter locations. Whether it be for weddings, birthdays, parties, or even equestrian gatherings, Esperanza Estate can be experienced year-round as it enjoys South Florida’s amazing weather.

Esperanza Estate is dedicated to making “memories that will last a lifetime!” They provide the setting of any type of event as mentioned before. Whether it be for small private events, or extravagant corporal events, and all the way to equestrian needs. This family owned estate sits in Miami, Florida— taking up approximately 5 acres in total.

These 5 acres are stocked with long stretches of trees accompanied by a set of welcoming horses in their stables. All across the Esperanza Estate, you will find yourself surrounded with elegant flora and greenery. However, just because you’re surrounded by nature doesn’t mean you will have to leave behind technology!

Wedding Photos Provided by Esperanza Estate
Wedding Photos Provided by Esperanza Estate

The Equipped Esperanza Estate

Esperanza Estate is ready to make the best out of any event stationed at their facility. The estate thus offers lighting and sound systems, wifi, a projector along with a screen, photography lighting, and more. With these amenities, you won’t have to worry about communication issues or worrying about the perfect lighting to catch the glow of your highlight!

The estate also provides access to:

  • a farmhouse
  • bride and groom suite
  • 2 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • pool with a deck
  • professional equestrian arena
  • pergolas
  • and the list is endless!

Overall they are readily equipped with inventions that will be a need at any event. Therefore by providing access to these privileges, it’s all smooth sailing for planners as they will already be provided with more than half of what is needed for a perfect event.

YML at Esperanza Estate

Scenery of Esperanza Estate
Scenery of Esperanza Estate










Luxury Petite Model

Amazingly, YML had the opportunity to service an event that took place at such a majestic institution. At this event we provided our Petite VIP Portable Restroom, which we believe fits with the mood of the estate. Our Petite VIP model is a pristine white that blends in perfectly with the elegant greenery and gardens of the Esperanza Estate. Even more fitting that we serviced this event in April, the epitome of spring. Thus, the combination of the beautiful scenery and our product coincided in a luxurious manner that couldn’t be replicated with any other portable restroom service.

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