Raise The Dead at Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos or “The Day of The Dead” is a Mexican tradition dating back many centuries. Those who celebrate Dia De Los Muertos believe that on this day, the spirits of their deceased loved ones return to the land of the living. The deceased are believed to visit those they left behind. Rather than something to be scared of or to mourn, they see this unique relationship with the dead as something to celebrate. As a result, Dia De Los Muertos is such a significant holiday in Florida. Floridians with Mexican heritage share this day with other locals. It is a fun and extravagant celebration every year.  

What To Expect at Dia De Los Muertos This Year 

On 2nd November, local performing arts groups will put on fantastical displays, entertaining attendees with ritualistic choreographed dances inspired by Mexican tradition and mythology. Then, a parade will take place at Huizenga Plaza, starting at 5pm. A band of talented musicians will support local puppeteers as they maneuver giant skeleton puppets across the streets of Florida. They call this parade the ‘Skeletal Procession’. 

Later, at ASTA Lot between SW 2nd and 3rd Avenues just south of Broward Boulevard, local artists and craftsmen will display stunning, handmade works of art. The Day of The Dead inspire the pieces. Attendees will get the chance to support local artists and take home unique creations to remember the special occasion.

Food stalls and trucks, celebrating local Mexican cuisine, fill the streets of downtown Florida. Mexican food is already a staple of the local culture in Florida. El Dia De Los Muertos gives it the perfect spotlight. The Day of The Dead isn’t just for those of Mexican descent. Everyone can have a good time and celebrate the day with reverence for Mexican culture and beliefs. 

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