YML Services Perez Art Museum Miami Linkedin Event

YML Portable Restrooms was recently chosen to service a Linkedin event through 360 Destination Group at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, FloridaThe Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a museum which showcases modern and contemporary, international art. Located in Miami-Dade county, PAMM has been the county’s centermost museum since its founding in 1984. In 2013, the museum expanded into a 200,000 square-foot campus located on Biscayne Bay and it continues to thrive at that location to this day. After its expansion, the museum (previously known as the Miami Art Museum) was renamed The Pérez Art Museum Miami in honor of longtime board trustee and generous donor Jorge Pérez who, in total, donated more than 40 million dollars to the museum in both cash and art pieces.

PAMM is dedicated to showcasing a collection that reflects and celebrates the diversity of the community it serves. The museum recognizes the eclectic and diverse nature of the people of Miami-Dade county and therefore focuses on the presentation, interpretation, and study of
international, modern and contemporary art while keeping the peoples’ unique viewpoint in mind. In addition, PAMM describes their mission to be to “encourage everyone to see art as an incentive for genuine human interaction, communication, and exchange”. Along with an extensive and diverse art collection, the museum also boasts a plethora of programs. From the Baby and Me Tour for infants and their caregivers to PAMM Art Storytime for children and an after school partnership program for teenagers that aims to inspire integrated problem solving and build new skills in areas such as architecture and computer graphics, the museum has an engaging program for every age group.

YML Portable Restrooms was honored to be part of the Linkedin event held at PAMM in July of 2018. We collaborated with 360 Destination Group, a top destination and event management company and are appreciative of the trust they placed on YML Portable Restrooms to service the event with four of our VIP portable restroomsPAMM inspires our company for their dedicated efforts to encapsulating                the diversity and spirit of Miami through art, as well as inspiring new art to be made and appreciated.  YML would like to commend PAMM for all the work they’ve done to ensure the betterment of the Miami community, and we are eager to see the amazing work they will do in the future.